Diabetes is growing among us. There has been estimations that it will be over 1 million diabetics in Finland at year 2020. That sound horrible. Why it is growing so fast at the moment?

For what I can see, the problem is really low quality nutrition. Diabetic should not be eating carbs, especially processed carbs. But that is exactly what people are doing. That will spike insulin so hard and yet people still keep on doing that.


Low-carb nutrition wouldn’t affect insulin so much and would help body to handle the diabetes. But that is not happening. Why? People are just stubid and they don’t want to try something else. It is easier to just eat the pill or shot insulin than change life style.

People are stubid and lazy. That is the problem. You could cure type 2 diabtes completely if you would just change few things here and there from the nutrition. Kakkostyypin diabetes is something that can be cured.

Oh well…

– Arthur