Law is the key

Hi folks

If you are in Finland and need some sort of law services, there few options that you could take a look at. It all depends what kind of law service you need. Is it something to do with corporate law? Then there is plenty of companies which you could choose from. The biggest ones are located in Helsinki and in Oulu.

Or do you need a company who is good with family law? That is the most common branch, so you can find law firms pretty much from every city who can do that kind of services. Or do you need somebody who is good at with testaments etc? That is also quite common law practice, so it is easy to find services from that also.


The easiest way of looking around is of course Google. Type in what you need and let the Google do the magic for you. If you are in Finnish, then type in with native language. Or if you need something in English, you can try that also locally. Both will work, especially in bigger cites like Helsinki, Oulu or Turku.

Then just check where they are located, are they open and what kind of price level they have. If you go to Helsinki, I will recommend that you will use the bus or metro system. Finding a parking lot from Helsinki in the middle of day can be extremely frustrating and expensive. It is better to use public transportation and forget hunting the parking place. That will save you a lot of time. 🙂 Trust me. From other cites, that is no problem

I will also recommend that you will contact them early and ask more about their services. Of course you should always look more info from their web page, but it is recommended that you just call to them and ask more. And while you are on the phone, ask also how they will price their services. Somebody can charge you double or triple price, depending how busy they are. So check their prices also, so you don’t get “robbed”.

And lastly, check if they have some decent testimonials. Those will tell you if they are any good. You don’t want hire a some loser company, who can’t do anything to you. Check that they have positive feedback from their previous clients. Check out their Facebook-page and Twitter-page. Those are the two best place to find some real customer feedback. Happy clients will recommend and also not-so-happy clients will also tell what they think about.

After that is your choice. There is plenty of companies to choose from so don’t hesitate when you need good law services. I can also recommend this company from Finland, they are extremely good. It is called Aittoniemi lakitoimisto Helsinki. I highly recommend!