Excellent training in Turku

Yes. There is some excellent training in Turku Finland. There is company called “Ruokatauko”, which is specialised on nutrition and personal training guidance.

They have own personal training studio and nice training facilities for boot camps and so on. They have rowers, pullup-rigs, plyo boxes, lot of barbells and kettlebells. You can also do rope climping and tire pulling. The facilities has showers and dressing rooms. All what you need for having a nice workout.

Ruokatauko will also offer education and seminars. They also have all kind of different work shops concerning about nutrition and training. On May 2016 they will have for example work shop of how to make healthy breakfasts.

Front of the building has lot of parking space and it is easy to find in Turku. There is enough signs to tell you where to go. It is located in industrial zone, so no problems of making noise. 🙂

personal trainer turku

You can check it out by personal trainer turku. I highly recommend.